Over three days, from February 13th till February 15th, Hamelin-Laie International School became the headquarters of a professional and artistic exchange between the students of the school and their own parents. We called this exchange “Open mind week”. The parents of our students introduced us to their jobs and hobbies by doing talks and workshops with the ESO students, with the main goal of introducing them to new professions and activities. It was a really good experience for both parties, and a different way to learn and approach the world.

Here there is a link to the photos of the event: OpenMindWeek2017 .

And also we present a link to a list with all the speakers, speaches and workshops: Speakers_Talks_Workshops.

Below, you will find the experiences of some students.

The ‘Open Mind Week’ consisted of three days in which the parents became teachers and did talks and workshops about their jobs and abilities. There were so many different activities to choose from, and every one was so interesting. We enjoyed those days so much because we learned new things, and it was a great way to discover other professions. We would like to repeat it next year!

Paula Roca and Joana Silva (1st ESO)

The ‘Open Mind Week’ was really interesting. I think it helped students who are not really sure what they want to study or what they want to do a lot. There were lots of different workshops, and lots of speeches. You could choose what you liked the most.

Loren Irizar (3th ESO)